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Essential Rewards

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Essential Rewards is a monthly wellness box that you get to customize each month based on your needs. Here's how it works:

  • There is no monthly minimum to be a Young Living member, but if you choose to partake in Essential Rewards for free products, the minimum is 50 PV (basically $50) per month.

  • You get to choose the items in your wellness box each month. Just sign into your account and update your ER order prior to your process day.

  • You choose your process day each month, and you can change it any time.

  • Every ER order you place earns you Essential Reward Points that can be redeemed for free Young Living products! The longer you are on Essential Rewards, the more percentage you'll earn back. (See above info graphic for percentage details).

  • If you spend over 100 PV (or about $100), you will get free products added to your order automatically. They are not lame either! Check out this month's promotions here.

  • Young Living also rewards loyal customers. You will receive loyalty gifts after 3, 6, and 9 months. You will also receive an exclusive essential oil blend called Loyalty after 12 months.

  • You can cancel any time.

  • Check out these Essential Rewards plans (coming soon) to get you on the path to a low-toxic home while earning free products.

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